Postgraduate Social [Sneak Peak]

I was asked to shoot some pictures at the postgraduate social event at the Engineering Faculty at Stellenbosch University last week. At these social events, teams from the different departments competes against each other in some sporting event for the coveted engineering cup (thermos flask?). For this social, the chosen sport was wall climbing. Now, wall climbing presents an interesting problem in terms of composition since the subject will be above the camera for most of the time. I solved this problem in a number of ways: (1) Shooting from side on during first contact with the wall, (2) Shooting perpendicular to the wall and (3) low angle and post-processed compositions.  The second option also allowed me to frame some of the spectators – which helped to place the wall into context.

I am still busy editing, but here is a selection of some of my favourite shots (so far):